After writing my post on enjoying contentment I thought it was funny to pick up the paper (Telegraph) and read an article saying something similar.

The article focused on a study published in the journal Psychological Science.

The study has highlighted the fact that people are actually more content with an unremarkable life than they are one that involves striving for or following their dreams.

In fact people only want to be happy 80% of the time.

The research interviewed more than 8,000 people from 27 countries.

The aim was to find out whether we had universal ideas and aspirations.

It turned out that only a small minority felt the need to strive for things like a great job, physique or relationship. Most people enjoyed limited ambitions.

They are hoping the outcome of this study might play a part in helping us understand why we take part in self-defeating habits.

It has totally helped me understand mine. It’s because I really am okay with an unremarkable life and am not that bothered about striving for the perfect body!

Maintaining great health is my focus and right now my health is great.

My body could do with some consistent exercise routine to help it build strength and stamina and I am working on that.

So it looks like despite all those motivational messages telling us to go for our dreams (and I have been guilty of buying into all of that and spending a whole load of money on “finding my purpose” and the like) deep down we may just be happy with what is.

Are you?