When you aspire to live your dream you inspire others to live theirs and for me that’s what being inspirational is all about.

Its not about telling people what they should be doing with their life but aiming for and achieving results  in my own.

Judy is an old friend who I don’t talk to much these days. She liked to tell me how to live my life. She liked to show me the kinds of clothes I should be wearing. The sort of men I should be dating. That is why Judy is an old friend.

I chose not to spend time around her energy of always telling me what I should be doing but never being inspirational in her own life.

You see Judy’s life lacked ‘passion’ (her word not mine). She often complained about the lack of passion in her life without doing anything about it.

Instead she used my life (and the lives of quite a few of the other people we both knew) as a substitute for her own. She spent her life telling us how to better our life without ever looking at making her own life better.

When I first started building my own self-confidence several years ago people noticed a difference in me as the years went by and they mentioned it often. For them I was being inspirational.

They noticed how much more I had to say. How more active I had become. There were actual results that they could see with their own eyes and that inspired them. They realised if I could change to such a huge degree so could they.

Again, for me that is what being inspirational is all about. Making things happen so that people around you transform their own life.

For most people it doesn’t have to be some big thing that you achieve. Just seeing you being different in yourself. Just watching as you goal for something and get it. You never really have to say a word to them. Just from the way you live your life you will be being inspirational.