You may wonder what having a range of incomplete tasks have to do with raising self confidence but actually it is a very important part of it.

If you have incomplete tasks, errands, relationships or anything else they rob you of your peace of mind, especially if they are things that you keep thinking “I really must do that.

The good news is completing them will help you feel great.

My office can go from completely clean and tidy to a complete mess (within hours) and I know the big difference it makes working in a room that is tidy and clear from clutter.

It helps me feel as if my mind is tidy and clear from clutter too.

Make clearing up all your unfinished tasks something to make progress with over the coming months.

The easiest thing to do is write them all down and cross them off as you complete them. This at least gets them out of your head and onto paper.

You don’t have to go with the traditional “to do list” name – call it anything you want “my progress list” or “things I choose to do” or “from incomplete to complete list” – whatever works for you.

As 2012 is all about progress not perfection resist the urge to get annoyed at the fact that your list never seems to be complete. You may find yourself adding new things to it but that is okay as long as you are crossing things off as well because that’s progress 🙂

The other big plus about completing your incompleteness is that you get to pat yourself on the back for every job you complete no matter how small. Little successes like this really do add to your feelings of self confidence.

If you want to make these tasks more fun then invite a friend along to help you complete your tasks and you can help her complete whatever incomplete tasks she has to do.

Also invite your children/teens to help if possible – get them involved with helping out. If your incomplete tasks are work related can you delegate them?

Or is there someone at work who can help out?

You will feel so much better about yourself and so much more at peace with life in general when you get all these small tasks completed and out the way. It is simple but very, very effective.

Focus On Your Routine

A few weeks ago I had three letters to write, two cards to post, and a couple of phone calls to make all relating to personal stuff that needed sorting at home.

Doing them one after another gave me such a wonderful feeling of getting things done and feeling as if I was on top of everything that it made me want to blog about the joys of going from incomplete to completed… and now I have that’s another thing I can cross off my list.

If you have a huge pile of paperwork to do and you get rid of the pile rearrange your life so you dedicate a small amount of time to doing your paperwork so it doesn’t pile up again. Even if it is only 20 minutes a day it will help you to stay on top of what you need to get done. You need to find a routine that will work for you. I prefer little and often because it helps me feel better than doing large piles.

This works for me in my personal and professional life. For example I don’t iron a pile of clothes. I hang them up after washing/drying them and then iron as I want to wear them.

I used to feel bad about the large pile that was sat there waiting to be done. It has been years since I have had a pile of ironing to do and I get my children to do the same.

All their clothes are hung up and I iron them as they need them. When I first changed my routine I decided to trying doing my ironing immediately after the clothes had been washed. That way there was only a small amount to do.

As I wash clothes nearly every day I was ironing every day too and that just didn’t work for me! In the end I changed it to washing and hanging followed by ironing when needed.

Buying clothes was another routine I used to make myself feel bad about, especially when finances were tight and I didn’t have the spare income to go out and spend a lot of money on clothes.

I am not a fan of shopping for clothes anyway so I narrowed it down to twice a year, once in Spring when the Spring/Summer season was available and another in Autumn for Autumn/Winter.

Leaving it that long meant I always needed a large number of different items. I decided to change that routine and what I do now is buy clothes each month.

Even if I only buy myself one top, or some underwear – I buy something small each month, which helps me feel great. I am still not a fan of clothes shopping but this way at least I am not beating myself up about not being able to buy everything I need.

I do most of my clothes shopping online and that helps to add to the efficiency of it all.

What routines do you have that you could change?

How can you make your cumbersome way of doing things change into an easier to manage routine, so you hardly ever experience the feelings of being overwhelmed that come with incompleteness?