Five days into the New Year and I am only just getting round to thinking about 2019.

Since moving back to London in December I have managed to catch the flu and then a head cold. That’s two illnesses in one month. I am usually never ill.

Moving and having to find work has been, not stressful, but challenging.

Everyone is so tight on security (as they should be when you are applying to look after people) that having all my paperwork showing my old address 198 miles away is causing confusion.

So, I have been updating my address and waiting to apply to a better agency than I currently work for right now because they are bad. So bad that they asked me to work on Christmas day, promised double time pay, and didn’t pay double time.

They gave a lame excuse about their client not paying them enough but what has that got to do with me?

I have been paid £100 less in my pay packet than I was expecting.

I don’t mind £10 or £20 less but £100 – how dishonest is that for goodness sake. Right now I am not sure what I can do about it. Being an agency worker means I have very few rights compared to someone who is employed.

Plus they only find me a few days work a week and I can’t survive on that – especially not in London where all my outgoings have doubled since moving here.

My car insurance went from 37.00 a month to 80.00 just for the pleasure.

I am enjoying the fact that there is so much on hand here though. Events, places to eat, things to do. So much better than anywhere else I have lived.

I have given myself until May 2020 to live and save here. I am living rent free because I am back to living in my childhood home. My dad has been taken into assisted living and is being cared for after his stroke and the place was empty.


I rejoined Twitter as @MidLifeWarrior and starting again is making me wonder if it’s worth it but I do love how interactive you can get with Twitter compared to Instagram.

I want to do more in 2019. I spent way too much time watching Netflix in 2018 and it has become a habit. Watching Netflix and eating (or wanting to eat).

Getting back into business

I have decided to re-start my website design business and learn from the mistakes of the past. This time I will network, advertise and keep pushing for business because the alternative is to work low pay jobs with an agency who steals from me.

Also going to look at promoting Acti-Labs skincare again.

I have options but they will take time to re-build and work provides instant weekly cash.

Still. I am happy to be able to think about them because for the past two years I have been unable to motivate myself into thinking about anything at all. I took a job and became an employee. But it’s just not me.