It is really easy to use deep breathing meditation to help you relax in moments when you are still and you will find the benefits double when you can learn to relax while you are getting things done.

  • In those moments at work where you are tense as you look over your sales figures.
  • While you are busy cooking a meal and doing five things at once
  • While you are sat listening to a lecture or talk being given at work
  • In the middle of rushing around trying to get many different things done

Moments when your concentration is busy on other things – sometimes things that may cause us to tense up – if you can remind yourself to relax.

Breathe deeply as you inhale through your nose and then exhale it. Tell your face, neck, back and shoulders to all relax. Then relax your chest, pelvic area, legs and feet. The whole thing only needs to last a matter of minutes.

When you learn to stay relaxed while doing you put your body into a state of relaxation for most of the day.

The norm is to be tense most of the day and hope that relaxing for 20 minutes will solve that tension. While it will definitely help and is better than not focusing on relaxation a stronger way is to relax in the middle of all your doing and simply breathe.

Set your watch to go off every 3 or 4 hours and use that as a reminder to relax for 30 seconds to a minute.

See how that makes a difference to your mind and body over a day, week, month and more…