There is always something in the news about meditation and deep breathing benefits for people who commit themselves to engaging in it on a regular basis.

The fact is only ‘giving it a go’ will really show you what deep breathing meditation can do for your life.

At first it may feel difficult and ‘staged’ but eventually you get to a point in your life where it just happens naturally. You might not be able to pinpoint the exact moment but you always recognize the positive results.

This week the UK Daily Mail focused on the fact that we should stop popping vitamin tablets to keep colds and flu away because a study from the University of Wisconsin–Madison has shown that adults who meditate for eight weeks suffer fewer colds than those who don’t.

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Could meditation and deep breathing become the pain free alternative to medicine? This article from prevention outlines how one actress used it to help her with her pain after a car accident.

Better breathing can mean better health – no real surprise there – this article focuses on the many health benefits of improving your breathing including reducing stress, controlling high blood pressure, improving mental function….

If you do some research yourself on the benefits of deep breathing and meditation you will find they are both valuable tools worth learning to help your wellbeing.

I have found they are an essential part of helping me to build confidence and would never be without them.