I have always talked about the power of meditation to help you stay calm and at peace with yourself and the world but it also has a very positive effect. Meditation causes physical changes to occur in your brain by increasing your ‘grey’ and ‘white’ matter.

  • ‘Grey’ (or gray) matter in the brain is important to help us hear, see, talk and looks after our memory.
  • ‘White’ matter in the brain actively affects how the brain functions and learns.

You can see why these two elements are very important to our overall health.

You also release endorphins when you meditate helping you to feel happier. The same endorphins released when you exercise are also associated with meditation too.

With these two wonderful benefits it is no surprise that more and more people are taking to using meditation on a daily basis.

I recommend it to clients when they are looking to increase their self confidence because it helps to remove fear and anxiety that is associated with working towards attaining a goal.

If you are going to live your dream you will need to focus on being calm and clear so you can make the decisions you need to in order to move forward. Deep breathing meditation is wonderful for helping you do just that.

If you find you struggle with meditation and keeping your mind quiet then you can do simple things like counting as you inhale and exhale, or you can simply focus on your breathing.

Doing that helps to keep you in the present moment and stops your thoughts from taking over.

We all know the importance of looking after our ‘grey’ matter and our memory. The sooner you start the better your results will be.