A great way to review your life as a summary is by writing out your self-confidence timeline.

Doing this will help you identify significant periods of your life and how you helped yourself through them.

You can look at when things went right and what was in place to help them work out and similarly when things didn’t go as plan, what wasn’t in place and what you can learn from it.

A self-confidence timeline provides a bird eye view of your life and will show you where you might have recurring patterns, so you keep making the same mistakes and also if there are particular times when you do well or don’t do well.

You can start at any time of your life, maybe the last year, and map out what happened during each week of the month, or the whole month if you prefer.

There is no wrong or right way to do this. The key is to end up with a timeline from where you start until today and be able to take a look at what you achieved. Mostly, people discover that they actually achieved more than they expected.

If you keep a regular journal then writing out your self-confidence timeline should be fairly easy for you to do and hopefully you will find it an fun exercise to particular in.

If life was a challenge this year how can you make 2014 different?

What can you learn from what happened this year? What were the highlights of the year despite the challenges?

Take the time to look back and review where you have come from because it plays a crucial part in helping you move towards where you are going.