It is really important when you use deep breathing meditation that you really use your diaphragm and take deep belly breathing breaths.

Why is that important? Well breathing from your diaphragm or using your abdominal muscles will help you

  • relax your muscles and get proper oxygen to your whole body
  • lower your heart rate and blood pressure
  • breathe deeper and slower, which also promotes relaxation.
  • get proper oxygen to your whole body
  • improve the quality of your breathing and the flow of oxygen to your body’s tissues which helps to remove stress.

Deep belly breathing plays an important part in meditation as you learn how to let go quicker with each deep breathe.

When inhaling it is important you only use your nose and never your mouth. While exhaling through your mouth or nose is okay.

Before you even consider repeating affirmations as you breath or using visualization as you breathe just getting this technique right should be the only focus of a beginner for the first few weeks and months.

Below is a video that is really helpful at showing you how to get those deep belly breathing breaths so you can improve the quality of your breathing.

Once your breathing has improved you can then move on to using affirmations and visualization to help you build self-confidence.